Margo Gentile

  • @tuh37973 Hey Margo! I am also a marketing major and see we share similar interests in leadership and sales. I also wanted to mention that I too have an interest in consumer behavior. I believe that from my own consumer behavior I can shape the way others chose to spend and shop! How about you? Social media is the new way to do it I think.

  • @tuh37973 Hey, Margo!
    I also enjoy the outdoors! Traveling to new places to spending time outside is one the best experience you can have in life. Good luck!

    • Hi Kyle. I agree completely. Nature is not just the pristine and protected state parks rather it is every piece of green we come across! I am new at temple but am interested in seeking out outdoor clubs along with SPOs. Apparently the rock climbing club tries to go climbing outdoors once per semester.

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