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    I am also currently a finance major as I saw there are some others on this page. Economics is a very important part of business, as it lays down a lot of the theories that drive everyday business and purchasing. Learning more about Economics from other students is certainly beneficial.

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    Hi Eliana! It’s really interesting that you speak Korean and are working to improve your Korean skills. It is so important to be able to speak multiple languages in today’s job market! It really makes you a much more valuable candidate.

  • @tui94374 Hi Grace! I see we both share an interest in operations management. It is a field I do not know a lot about, but am definitely interested in as I have seen a lot of people I know complete work in this field.

  • In high school, I was part of the Symphony Orchestra. I played violin for about 12 years. I was president of Central High School’s orchestra. I believe that is when I started to truly develop my leadership skills. 

  • I am currently a volunteer at the Jewish Relief Agency. We meet once a month to help package and deliver food to people who are in need. This food helps them get through their month since they cannot always […]

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  • I took the Legal Environment of Business in Fall 2018. It truly introduced me to topics inside the worlds of law and business that I had never even thought of before. It was very interesting to me and I certainly […]

  • This picture is from Templefest, a festival that student run organizations can participate in the beginning of each academic year for students to find an organization that they want to partake in. I serve as […]

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    I am very interested in the world of finance and consulting. I am also interested by operations and supply chain management. Additionally, as being a part of the Residence Hall Association, I am very interested in […]

    • Hi Matthew, I just saw on your profile that one of your skills/interests is leadership. I also noticed that you’re involved in a couple of organizations and just wanted to say that you are taking a step in the right direction. You are on your way to being a great leader and I hope you get to make some great impact in society.

    • Matthew, I think you have constructed a great e-portfolio. The graphics make it an appealing website to explore. I think it is great that you are involved in many activities and have leadership roles in them. I am excited to see that we are both interested in both supply chain management and finance. I think these will be two very important skills to have in the coming years.

    • Matthew. I just noticed that we have a similar interest which is finance. I also noticed that you have leadership listed as one of your skill set. I wanted to let you know that leadership and finance is a great combo.You are definitely heading in the right direction, i believe you may become a great leader that will make great impact on our society.

    • Hi, Matthew! I noticed that we have a common interest of Supply Chain! I know it is a growing field, so that is a great topic to have an interest in! Overall, you made a very appealing e-portfolio, and you seem to be a motivated student, and it seems like you have great leadership skills based off of everything that you have been involved in! Best of luck in your studies!

    • I saw that you think first year students need leadership opportunities. I think that’s a great idea since the experience will help them greatly in the future.

  • During my spring 2018 semester, I was an intern at the Delaware Valley Association for the Education of Young Children, now known as First Up. My job was to meet with early education providers throughout the city […]

  • Treat Team Manager at Rita’s Water Ice 2017-18

    Vice President of Internal Affairs at the Residence Hall Association 2018-19

    Work Study Student in the Global Studies Department 2018-19



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    Matthew Henry Resume
    Matthew W. Henry                                              

    1250 Cecil B. Moore Avenue  |  Philadelphia  |  PA  |  19122 |  tel:  215.913.7086 […]

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