Morgan McCrory

  • @tuh02952 Hi, I noticed we both have interests in law and finance. I think both fields compliment each other well and learning about both can open up a lot of career opportunities.

  • @tuh02952 Hi, Morgan. I find that we are both major in Finance! Hope we can discuss the experience of learning finance.

  • @tuh02952 Hi Morgan, I admire your profile! I noticed that we had similar interests in ethics. I enjoy a good conversation about ethics.

  • @tuh02952 Hello, I see we are both finance majors and have similar interests. It’s nice to be able to conncet over this platform with people with shared interests. Good luck in the future!

  • @tuh02952 Hello Morgan, I saw we share some of the same interests. Similar to you, I love to be creative with new ideas and want to learn more about social media advertising. Hope your semester is going well!

  • @tuh02952 Hey Morgan, I noticed we share similar interests in social media and leadership.

  • @tuh02952 Hey I see that you are interested in consulting and I think that is great. From what mentors and people in the field have told me, it is a very exciting field. It really gives you the opportunity to examine all areas of a business’s operations in order to help provide your clients with solutions.

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