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    Since I was younger I wanted my career to involve sports in some way. I think it would be really fun to have a job with any professional sports team. That’s why I chose to be in the business school because I felt like I could use that degree to get a job related to sports.

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    I think it is so cool you were competing at a national level and traveling for diving! I also dove when I was younger but only for my summer swim club. It’s awesome you got to travel a lot for it, I never really travelled but I would love to see the rest of the country and the world.

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    @tuj26242 Hi Catherine! I saw we share a few of the same interests all relating to business. If you’re interested in business, the Fox School of Business is great because they require many different classes which I feel prepares you for any job in the business world, regardless of your major.

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  • Working as a lifeguard for the past four years has taught me a lot. It taught me to be responsible, attentive and a leader. Lifeguarding may seem like an easy summer job, but it is a very serious one as well. I […]

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    Emily Mellon Resume

  • I enjoy hanging out with friends, going to the movies and exploring the city. I love to help people so I am apart of the Love Your Melon crew at Temple which helps provide therapeutic recreation to children […]

    • Hi Emily,
      That’s awesome that you help children battling cancer. I admire people like you cause I’ve known people with cancer and I know how hard it can be to deal with. I hope you continue making a better change for those children and help them continue to grow in the right direction.

      Al Dockery

    • Hi Emily!
      I also love to spend time with friends, watching movies, and exploring the city! I admire that you dedicate your time to Love Your Melon to help children battling cancer. I am a marketing major, so I would love to check out the AMA!

      Nora Denton

    • Hi Emily,
      i am in International Business major, but have some interests about marketing as well, and that is amazing that you help those children with batting cancer, i really respect you that the way you helping out people with cancer and that not easy. i wish you can keep your passion to do this, and have many changes to become better and better lead those kids to the right direction.

    • Hello Emily,

      I admire your interest in helping other people. I must admit that I’m not as giving as you are but I commend those of you who are so giving.

    • Hello Emily,
      I think it is amazing that you are involved in Love Your Melon and get to be a part of spreading pediatric cancer awareness and volunteering. I would like to get involved with an organization like this. I will research into it!

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    Emily Mellon
    BBA in Management Information Systems, Fox School of Business, Temple University

    Email: emily.mellon@temple.edu
    Thanks for looking at my eportfolio! I am originally from Ridley […]

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