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    @tuj11151 Hello My Lam, I love to travel and see new places. Due to scheduling I don’t get to travel much, but I’m making plans for next summer. I’ve always been interested in going to Hawaii, it’s so great to see what a great experience you had. What was your favorite thing to do there?

    • Hi Cecilia, thank you for your time reading my post. My favorite thing to do there is learning and having fun around places. Hawaii is perfect for vacation and honeymoon. I would suggest one of the best places is Dole Plantation, where you could enjoy local pineapple, and explore their restless maze at the side. Pineapple is fabulous over there.…[Read more]

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    Hello Everyone,
    My name is Cecilia, I am a Business Management major and I hope to one day manage a real estate company. I am slowly getting into the real estate world and can’t wait to be fully immerse.

  • Work Experiences

    Sales Associate, Best Buy, 2018-Present  Phila, Pa
    Sales Lead, Best Buy, 2016-2018  Phila, Pa
    Biomedical Research Technician, The Wistar Institute, 2014-2015 Phila, Pa

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    Hola! My name is Cecilia, and I am majoring in Business Management as a junior. I am interested in real estate, technology, and innovation in general. I love traveling and hope to one day expand my business career […]

    • Hello Cecilia, I love your photo, I took a similar photo as well at My Interest Page. I feel we have commonalities on traveling and building our business career internationally. What were your most remarkable place and culture you have come across?

    • Hi Cecilia, I see that you have traveled domestically to the Sarasota, Florida area and also see that you interests in real estate and am sure that you perhaps found potential in the area for real estate ventures given the proximity of Sarasota to various popular Florida Keys and the metro area of Tampa Florida. I too have ambitions of traveling both domestically and internally to gain insight on international business. Have you traveled internationally since your last post that has provided an international business learning experience?

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    Cecilia Medina

    Philadelphia, PA

    Email: tue93065@temple.edu
    To pursue a rewarding career in Business and General Management where my varied skills can be profitably utilized to achieve corporate […]

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    Cecilia Medina
    BBA in Business Management, Fox School of Business, Temple University

    Email: tue93065@temple.edu
    Thank you for your time! I was born in Argentina and raised in Philadelphia since I […]

    • Hi Kyle, I’m also not majoring in MIS, but I wanted to get a feel for MIS. I completely agree that this class makes you think about real life examples. I’ve noticed at my job that everything I do relates to what I’m learning.

    • Hi Zhen, I see how this class applies to my job every day. I’m excited to learn more.

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