Joseph Weiler

  • Sunny Tam posted an update 8 months ago

    @tuf90392 Hello, I noticed that you are interested in real estate. What sparked your interest. For me, the allure is when you walk around New York or any other concrete jungle with towering skyscrapers. The feeling is somewhat like visiting the Grand Canyon, a little overwhelming but for some reason it gives you a new perspective. Thank you!

  • @tuf90392 Hello. I see we both listed negotiation as one of our interests. I think negotiation is a very important skill to have in business. Also, I see you are interested in real estate which is my major and am glad you find it interesting.

  • @tuf90392 I noticed we have similar interests on your site! Good luck in finishing up the rest of your classes this semester.

  • @tuf90392 Hey Joseph, noticed that you also had an interest in Real Estate: I was a Real Estate major at Temple for my first two semesters, but decided against pursuing a degree in the field. Nice to connect with you.

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