• Shoug Alrwley posted an update 6 months ago

    I like to read, go to gym almost 5 days a week, taking pictures for Instagram, I love hiking I think it’s the coolest thing ever, meeting new people from different cultures is always a pleasure!

    • Hey, Shoug! I also love hiking. The reason why I love hiking is I can relax myself when hiking. I really like your lifestyle, it is very healthy, especially you go to gym almost 5 days a week.

      • thank you!! I do think that hiking can be a good way to get thing out of you head, get away from the technology and life stress for a while which is a peaceful experience.

        • did you join the outdoor club? it is about hiking.

          • no, is it in temple?
            I want it to ask you about the eportfolio, how did you edit it and add a resume and all these things? I am kind of lost here

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