My Interests

My interests in terms of education include statistics, calculus, and social media marketing. I am also interested in many things outside of education such as sports (basketball, football, snowboarding, and golf), traveling, photography, and strategy games. I also spend a lot of time training my golden retriever, who is only a few months old.

3 Responses to My Interests

  • Hey Matt I am also interested in social media marketing because I think it will be an import skill to have for the future. I think it is very interesting to learn about the different ways people are starting to market their products and companies on social media.

    • Jason, you’re definitely right about that. Studies show that more and more companies are moving towards social media marketing since the industry is growing so fast, so it is certainly a skill worth learning.

  • Matt, I am also very interested in statistics and calculus. Math is very important in the business school and it will become a very good thing to be interested in when you have your first business job.

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