My Interests

My interests are accounting, advertising, architecture, creativity, design, graphic design, innovation, investments, leadership, product design, real estate, and retail.

One of my greatest interests is in graphic design, I have intermediate skills with Adobe Photoshop, Premier, After Effects, and Illustrator. I have been actively pursing graphic design since high school, even built my own computer around digital media. I have created designs for a few companies and sell my work online. In high school I won the t-shirt competition for the Pennsylvanian Junior Classical League, and my internship last Spring was as a digital media intern creating most of the graphics for the CannabisLearn Conference & Expo and Greenhouse Ventures

Leadership is extremely important to me, I have always been active in my community and strive to distinguish myself by leading groups and projects that build the organization. I was on the executive boards for my fraternity, the Interfraternity Council, and Rugby Football Club as the Director of Community Service & Philanthropy while attending the University of Denver. I assisted in expanding the efforts of all the organizations to become more active in the Denver community with more service and mentoring events. I also held leadership positions in many of my clubs during high school.

I am interested in accounting as it is a critical part of running your own business. Numbers are interesting. I have many family members that are accountants and want me to pursue it. Accounting has to be organized, just like me. I am considering accounting as a dual major with my entrepreneurship degree or as a minor.

I love architecture, it has been an interest of mine since middle school. The way buildings have the ability to be functional art and tell a story is astonishing, and as technology has been advancing so do building, becoming more radical and beautiful. While living in Denver I explored the city and loved viewing the developing city landscape, they are doing an amazing job blending the older industrial buildings with the modern buildings that compliment the natural scenery of Colorado.

I also love to travel, domestic and international, there is no better way to explore, learn, and meet new people than by travel. I recently lived in Denver, CO for two years before returning back to the Philadelphia area. My time in Denver was amazing and allowed me to develop independently living on my own with roommates from different states and countries. I have been to thirty-four of the fifty states in the United States and multiple countries in Europe. I plan to study abroad at Temple University, Japan Campus in Tokyo next year.

I am extremely passionate in personal growth trying to be the best I can. I regularly attend events in the community and my dream industry, networking as much as I can. I put aside time each week for learning about my personal interests in order to develop myself outside of school, whether it be attending conferences or reading the latest articles and journals.


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  • Hey Maxwell, you’ve got a really interesting page and we share some interests. I have always been interested in graphic design and using the adobe creative platforms but have never really spent the time to get into it. I am considering a minor it, it is really cool that you already have experience and have sold some of your work. I think a skill like graphic design would pair really with a business degree by being a versatile option for employers.

  • Hey Maxwell! I find your page really interesting and unique! After reading through your interests I can see you have a passion for travel. Traveling, especially in your specific field is an amazing opportunity to make connections as well as experience business in different environments! I also believe that your graphic design skills along with your business major is unique in that the two together can take you places in digital media and business.

  • Hello Maxwell, your page is very interesting! I have also been fortunate enough to travel to multiple counties in Europe when I studied abroad last year in Stirling, Scotland! Traveling is an amazing experience and I’m glad that you enjoy it. I also agree with the statement that you made about accounting being very important in running your own business. Is there a specific business you have in mind when you hint at wanting to be your own boss? Something architecture related? I am currently pledging a Fraternity and also plan on getting involved in leadership roles once I cross. Best of luck with your endeavors!

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