Work Experience


With cello, I am more of a free agent. In high school, I gave weekly lessons from my house with a $30/hr rate to beginner cellists to teach them the basic skills they need to advance their musical capabilities on the cello. I did 1-on-1 mentoring which vigorously prepared the 4th and 5th graders for more difficult repertoire provided by and outside of the public school system. All of my six various students, who are now older and from three different school districts, still play for the school. Unfortunately, with college, I had to recommend them elsewhere and end my three year teaching experience.

Another activity I did with cello was network for a position for musicals and operas. I was fortunate to be able to debut The Rivals as the cellist in fall of 2018. Additionally, I have been part of Firebird Theater as the cellist for four consecutive years.

Finally, I ran a family organization which created concerts for Philadelphia Presbyterian Home (PPH) for the church there. The events were mainly geared around holidays and were entirely voluntary. The program ranged from my family’s various musical talents to any of my friends who wanted to perform for the wonderful community at PPH.

CVS Pharmacy, Head Cashier

I worked at CVS from May of my junior year to November of college (one and a half years). My experience ranged from serving 80 different customers each shift (on average), to taking inventory, stocking shelves, checking for expirations, full-store cleaning, new employee register-training, store waste management, and photo-lab maintenance. I enjoyed every minute of my job and was lucky enough to meet many different corporate members who visited to inspect the store.

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