My Interests

As stated in the “About Me” section of the website, I am interested in finance, stocks, statistics, and risk management. I am currently taking classes in many of the subfields to get a sense of what I like the best.

Why I chose business

My interest in business first emerged in early middle school when I marketed my own Steam Community Raffle Group which became a generator of revenue. The group amassed 10,000 members in its prime, which required knowledge of marketing, advertising, HTML, and economics (the very basic). The Steam Market is a small economy which I grew relatively “rich” in. Ever since my successful experiences, I have been on the lookout for business activities such as the investment club.

Finance particularly caught my attention in high school. I was interested in statistics, and I always wanted to utilize my skills through the development of business models. Corporate finance in particular was the most appetizing to me until, in college, I discovered a field of Risk Management. My dream is particularly to be the CFO of a company, but leading a Risk Management department combines many things that I love: leadership, statistics, and finance. It is always satisfying to see things work out in the end.

My personal interests

When I am not focused on business, I enjoy cello playing. I have been a cellist for 10 years, winning various solo competitions, joining many orchestras, and bringing joy to various communities through my playing. I tied business into it, which I mentioned under “Work Experience”. I am currently taking lessons with Professor Jeffrey Solow at Temple, I am in a chamber septet, and this is my second semester in the Symphony Orchestra. My future plans include teaching and performing to the side.

I enjoy going to the gym (STAR) quite a lot. I go on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays every week.

My favorite game is Mario Kart Wii, which I held a world record in. I also love board games such as Banagrams, Monopoly, and Labyrinth.

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