My Interests

My interests include both leadership and teamwork. I am interested in leadership because I am a member of Army ROTC at Temple, and being in the program requires various leadership skills. I am also interested in teamwork because I use teamwork skills throughout my week with ROTC and also  group projects in classes.

3 Responses to My Interests

  • I see that you are a part of the ROTC at Temple. I believe that the leadership qualities and discipline you learned is unsurpassed and will carry you well beyond college and on to your future endeavors. I hope that you use these traits to succeed in business and in life.

  • Leadership and teamwork are two very important skills that are essential to use as future Army Officer. Continue to enhance those skills to help you in both your future career and in life.

  • Being a member ROTC is very good at developing skills of discipline, teamwork and leadership. Playing organized sports all my life helped me develop these skills. These skills will stretch beyond just the ROTC and will help you in your career and life moving forward.

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