Work Experience

I am currently a student worker at the Office of Orientation for Temple University. Some of my roles are to greet and direct anyone who comes to the office, take calls, respond to emails, and do day to day general administration tasks. This position has helped me further my organizational skills as well as my professional communication skills thus far.

Over the summer I also had the privilege of being an Owl Team Leader. That has been one of the most rewarding positions I’ve been in. I was able to advance my teamwork skills by working alongside 35 other Owl Team Leaders. Together we introduced over 3,000 freshmen to Temple University. Orientations consisted of us greeting students, showing them the campus, taking them to different presentations, and being a point of contact for any questions and concerns they had. This job demanded professionalism, punctuality, organization, and flexibility.

Owl Team

The Team

Some of my students

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