My Interests

I have many interest that tap into a variety of categories. Some of my interest include reading, writing, watching documentaries, and listening to music. I very much appreciate being around people, conversing, and getting to know them. However, I also try to balance it with taking time to myself so that I can continue to work on myself.

Whenever I have the opportunity to volunteer I try to make time and take advantage of the opportunity. Since starting at Temple I have volunteered at an Urban garden, I assisted them in cleaning up their site, and planting new crops. I also volunteer at the Cherry Pantry here on campus. It is a food back we have available to students who can’t afford their own groceries or need assistance. An interest of mine is also connecting with the Philadelphia community, which led me to volunteering in a food drive for homeless people.

Urban Garden with Owl Team

I am always looking for ways to network and to gain more knowledge about the professional world. I fuel this interest by attending different leaderships conferences and professional development workshops.

In the short-term I am looking to find an HR internship which will give me real world experience about my major and what I will one day do. My long-term goals are to graduate from Temple and get my MBA. I aspire to land a job within the HR department overseeing recruitment.

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  • Hi Larice,
    I am also working on finding an internship within the HRM field for this summer! I saw you are involved with an Urban Garden. I love working outdoors and helping clean up outdoor spaces for the community. I would love to get involved at the Temple Community garden this spring as the weather gets warmer.

  • Hi Larice,

    I also love volunteering! I never heard of Urban Garden, but it looks like something I am interested in checking out! I just did a wonderful event with Shriner’s making Valentines Day crafts with waiting patients.

  • Hi Larice,
    I really admire your interest in volunteering! I really need to start volunteering more and your experience with Urban Garden and Cherry Pantry sounds really amazing. Thank you for sharing and I am going to look into more volunteer opportunities on campus now!

  • Hello Larice!
    You have a lot of interests that will be valuable to employers. I too am hoping to receive an internship over the summer to gain a little bit of knowledge for what goes on in the actual workplace. I wish you the best in finding one you enjoy!

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