My Interests

I have a strong passion towards novels and music. Novels and music allows a person to expand their mind, creativity, and imagination in a variety of methods. Another passion of mine has always been law. I enjoyed reading about fascinating cases, learning about the justice system, and how the government works. Traveling is another passion because it is always a pleasure to experience diverse cultures. Lastly, volunteering has always been of interest to me. It is important to give back to the community! Everyone should be able to devote time to give back, because even the smallest amount can make a huge difference.

One Response to My Interests

  • Layla, your interests are amazing, just like you I love to give back to my community, I really think is something everyone should do to make this world better. In my case, I helped high school students become leaders in their community through a program back in my hometown. I hope you can continue to learn more cultures and expand your knowledge. Good luck with all your goals in life.

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