Work Experience

Even if I am the Accounting Major, but I never have any experience about it or anything related to. The only experience in workplace I have is mostly focus on the self-employment place like Vietnamese restaurants, nail and hair salon. I used to work at some Vietnamese restaurant in north and south as the part time job. There is nothing interesting at all as most people think, it’s tough and sometimes really complicated and push you to some odd situations that even yourself do not have any ideas what really happened. When you really need a job for daily activities, you have to push your ego to side and let others step on you like nothing happened. Seriously, outsiders could never know about.

Nail and hair salon is really a good deal for anyone wish for better life as you can earn much money as doctor salary per year or even more if you really professional in it or have desires for being rich. I can work at nail salon only if they really need a person for doing errands, like unnecessary deeds around the shop, such as cleaning (mostly), calculating (if the manager really trust you, usually they’re not), or buying or delivering food. It usually occurs around summer time and huge holiday, like Christmas or Labor Day, or New Year.

Hair salon will be more fun and making you better person. I’m not really a talkative person, but working at the salon, you have to talk to customers because they really love to talk. Sometimes, you could hear about life experience, job matter related or news. Anything in news might be not mention or you might miss sometimes, you will easy hear it again from few customers and the join became more interesting. Or you can learn different knowledge which you never focus on through whole your life, like gardening, taking care of self with other country techniques, or maybe about cars, etc. I also learn how to take care for the hair, how it work-out, which product would be good for hair and which one is cheaper than other, but the effect does not change much, and how to deal with sensitive skins and help customers taking care of their skin and hair, etc.

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