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  • I ran varsity cross-country and track during all four years of high school and participated in several relays and team based activities.
  • I have taken the following classes: public speaking, java programming / computer class in high school, six years of Spanish, and several advanced and AP classes.
  • Throughout my four years in high school I learned how to successfully juggle school work, track and other school activities.  This has taught me to be flexible, learn about time management, and effectively work with people in a positive way.
  • I have a younger brother with Asperger’s Disorder and have experience in working with him and making accommodations in meeting his needs.
  • I also have experience-providing child care, by preparing meals and devoting lots of time for their safety, for my siblings after school and on the weekends as needed.


Bensalem Township School District September 2011 – June 2015

Graduation on June 10, 2015

Bensalem, Pa 19020


Temple University August 2015 – anticipated graduation: May 2019

Philadelphia, PA – Current Student


The County of Bucks, General Services                 June 22, 2015 – August 14, 2016

I was hired for seasonal employment with General Services in Bucks County. I worked in the county parks and took care of the grounds and maintenance of park services.

Cherokee Day Camp                                                        May 2017 – August 2017

I worked as a camp counselor at Cherokee Day Camp and also helped in the kitchen during breakfast and lunch.

Philly Style Pizza                                                               September 2018 – Present

I work as a part-time cashier at this restaurant, which includes responsibilities such as making sure people get what they ordered quickly while accounting for other customers’ orders from online or phone calls.


I am proficient with using Microsoft Office, PowerPoint, and using the Internet. I also have worked multiple summers doing landscaping in my community park which allowed me to develop better time management skills, work experience and be in a better physical condition. Also working as a camp counselor has aiding me in being more interactive and positive with children and parents, while learning how to cook and serve food. With the added time of being a cashier I gained more skills in customer satisfaction and being able to handle a retail job. I learned how to work as a better team in different situations and feel as if I can manage my own store. Which in turn supports my interests in a business setting and others’, like helping others and striving for greater heights where I can let my ideals for a better future flourish.

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