My Interests


I am proficient with using Microsoft Office, PowerPoint, and using the Internet. I also have worked multiple summers doing landscaping in my community park which allowed me to develop better time management skills, work experience and be in a better physical condition. Also working as a camp counselor has aiding me in being more interactive and positive with children and parents, while learning how to cook and serve food. With the added time of being a cashier I gained more skills in customer satisfaction and being able to handle a retail job. I learned how to work as a better team in different situations and feel as if I can manage my own store. Which in turn supports my interests in a business setting and others’, like helping others and striving for greater heights where I can let my ideals for a better future flourish.

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  • You definitely have a lot of experience already in business and you show that you are capable of operating in the tech driven world. I wish you the best of luck!

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