My Interests

My interests include dancing and art. I have been dancing, Bollywood dancing in particular, for 18 years of my life. I also enjoy art, social media, and community service. Through social media, I am able to communicate well and connect/network with others.

I have also been an active participant in community service:

Youth Committee JSMW                                                                                                                    Silver Spring, MD

Committee Member                                                                                                                                                2002-2018

  • Successfully completed 12 years of all requirements, and examination of the Jain Study curriculum
  • Organized meetings, dinners and events for the youth in the Metropolitan Washington area
  • Attended seminars and conventions for consecutive years to participate in the Jain community and learn about the Jain religion, culture and traditions


UNICEF at Quince Orchard High School                                                                                     Gaithersburg, MD

Secretary                                                                                                                                                            2014-2017

  • Raised over $2,000+ to donate to UNICEF foundation to advocate for children all over the world to start a new life with proper care and a strong foundation
  • Promote the rights and wellbeing of every child by collaborating with other organizations to overcome the obstacles in a child’s path
  • Ensure equality, promote education, strive for peace and security by creating fundraisers at Quince Orchard High school and local stores


One Response to My Interests

  • Hello, I could not help but notice that we share a lot in common. Although I am an International Business major at Temple, I have recently become more interested in the Marketing field. I have also always enjoyed the fashion industry and all it has to offer. Like you, I also worked with the Youth Committee of my local church. Your e-portfolio paints an impressive depiction of you. I hope that we can connect in the future to talk about our similar goals for our futures in the business world. Best of luck.

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