Work Experience

Weidu(Beijing) Technology Ltd. 

I am COO and one of the founder of Weidu Technology Ltd. Weidu is an online education startup launched by a group of Chinese students who are studying in colleges across the U.S. We are interested in helping Chinese students who are planning to and are currently studying abroad through online publications, online seminars, and various mini-events. We aim at the fast-growing market of Chinese students in the U.S. and strive to create a network of students that not only offers academic assistance but also fosters communication and personal development.
I manage official blogging platform with 3000+ subscribers and 10,000+ article views per month. And lead 1 department which include 6 students. Also, I lead weekly meetings and oversee all daily operations.
I have organized online events (campus live stream, seminars, etc.) with averagely 1000+ participants per event. I organized and coordinated China’s first student entrepreneurship summit, IGNITE, in summer 2017 with 200+ participants and 60+ volunteers (including online and on-site personnel).

For marketing and public relations, I am conducting multimedia marketing and social media marketing. Building and maintaining partnerships with various companies and startup to plan events and share resources. Reach out to speakers, sponsors, and partners for various events.

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