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I have a wide array of interests in multiple different industries. My experience in food service has led me to find interest in customer service, product management and leadership. Being that I have my Associates degree in Music Recording Technology I also find interest in artist management and event coordinating as well as music production and post production. Now that I’m starting my Bachelors degree with a major in Marketing, I’m starting to find interests in social media management and digital marketing.

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  • I also have experience in food services. I worked in a bakery and enjoyed meeting with customers and helping them decide what they wanted. Customer service is an important part of being successful as a business.

    • I agree! I think I would have a much different work ethic if I didn’t work in food service and customer service for as long as I have. It’s much easier to understand the top levels ofd business when you have experience as an employee on the front line.

  • Hey Kaylyn!
    I also have worked in food service for the past couple of years. I also got my Associates degree, however it was in Business Administration. In my opinion, the community college route was a financially smart decision and definitely one I don’t regret. When did you transfer to Temple? Good luck with your classes this semester!

    • This is actually my first semester at Temple! I took a couple years off before going back to get my Bachelors degree. I agree, community college was a wonderful decision financially and I learned a lot about what I wanted to do and what I didn’t. I don’t use my Associates degree much right now, but I’m glad I don’t have the financial burden of studying something that didn’t work out.

  • Hi Kaylyn! I currently work in food service part time while being a full time Temple student. My experience at my job has made me value good customer service and because of my job I have grown to have an interest in how we can deliver good customer service too. I want to go into arts administration so it sounds like we have similar future goals as well. Best of luck this semester!

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