My Interests

My interests include traveling to various countries and exploring new cultures as well as meeting new people. So far I have traveled to ten different countries apart from America and they have all enlightened me about their cultures. I am also interested in design, specifically graphic design and hope to expand my knowledge on this in the future. Another interest of mine is photography and it has been for many years. I also like editing pictures and I am currently working on improving my skills with Photoshop. Lastly, I am very passionate about the world of marketing which is why I have chosen this as my major since it is a significant aspect of business that allows you to touch on various aspects of a newly developing or already established business.

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  • Hi, as a marketing major it is important to understand how much communication matters. I think it’s really awesome that you have explored so many countries and have seen so many cultures. This can really help you one day in the business world. This interest page can definitely draw companies in to see what kind of person you are and how you could potentially benefit them one day.

  • Hi Khadija!
    I also have always had a passion for marketing, however I did not choose marketing as my major for other reasons. Exploring other countries and getting a feel for how others live will be so beneficial for your success in catering to peoples’ needs in the marketing world. Also as a traveler, you will get to experience first hand all the new and developing business out there, and possibly even the need for new businesses. I wish you the best of luck with your goals and safe travels!

  • Hi Khadija,

    I’m an MIS major but have always been interested in customer relationship management, a field that requires a lot of marketing knowledge to be applied. I hope to hear you opinion on this aspect as well.

  • Hey Khadija, I see that we both share an interest in traveling. I think it’s really cool that you’v been to so many countries; I would love to hear more about your travels!

  • Hey Khadija,
    I found your interests intriguing because I have similar interests are you. I think that is awesome and inspiring that you traveled to numerous countries and got to learn interesting things about different cultures. I also enjoy editing photos and taking photos, which is a cool interest to share! I would love to see some of your designs and work that you do, it sounds cool!

  • Hello I see we share interest in traveling. I find this pretty cool because not everyone is willing to step out of their comfort zone and try new things.

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