My Interests

I am interested in creativity, design, marketing, finance, leadership, and social media. I believe that creativity and design is important when pursuing a job in the business field. I also think leadership is important because it is important to be able to stand out in a group and be able to express your own opinions. It is also important to understand social media and the impact that it can have on your life. I am interested in these topics because understanding them will help me succeed in the business world.

4 Responses to My Interests

  • I agree with you 100% percent! We have similar skills and I also think that its cool that you also believe in how creativity and business goes hand and hand together as well!

    It definitely helps promote innovative thinking!

  • I firmly agree with you that leadership is very important in every aspect in life especially in business. I also believe that social media has an important impact in our everyday lives because social media is a tool to connect as well as networking. However, don’t let negative opinions on social media affect your daily. We have the same interests in Finance, Leadership, and Social Media. May be we can connect and discuss on the topic more!

  • Hi Kayla! I am also interested in leadership and agree with you that it is very important to have leadership skills in the business field. I enjoy leading others and being able to make a difference in others lives.

  • Hello Kayla! I am also interested in leadership and design because these are very important skills all fields, not only business. I hope we can talk about this more deep level in future!

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