My Interests

Academically, I am interested in marketing. Through other interests such as photography and social media I have seen the different strategies businesses use to market themselves to the public. I can see myself using my interests of photography, design, social media, and talking to people to market for a company in the future. Socially, other interests I have include playing sports, working out, going to the shore, and being with friends.

2 Responses to My Interests

  • I’m quite amazed at how marketing techniques are being implemented in almost everything we see and uses, they’re everywhere! Especially on social media!

  • Hey Kristen,
    We have similar interests in creativity and design, they’re critical in the marketing field. My previous internship required me to design all the logos and online media for the company and market them in a professional and appropriate manner while appealing to people, which required a large amount of creativity and design. I noticed you previously worked at a flower shop, I have been working at one for the last year and have helped do designs and photos for them to help grow their social media presences and company. You should look into contacting them and do that, it would be good to add that for a marketing portfolio.

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