My Interests

As an advocate for the environment with an interest in the health sciences, in envision a future working for an environmental firm or administrating a hospital. I hope to achieve a marketing internship with CHOP in Philadelphia within the next few years. I have excelled greatly at Temple in my statistics and calculus classes and am looking forward to taking more classes catered to my major.

Aside from business, I am a part of the Aperture Agency at Temple, where I practice shooting 35mm film photography and have my work featured in various galleries. “Comfort Zone” was the most recent gallery my photos were exhibited in, and I was able to creativity explore and express different forms of intimacy within individuals, spaces, and time. Click here to view my photography featured in the Comfort Zone Gallery.

Outside of Temple, I love to create oil paintings, learn new instruments, rock climb, and kayak around PA and NJ.



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  • Hi Katie!
    I see that you like to go kayaking around Pennsylvania, where have you gone? I’m only curious because I too kayak in Pennsylvania! I dont know if you’ve heard of Marsh Creek State Park or not, but that’s where I go it’s awesome! The fishing is good to if you like to do that! I also saw that you’re into photography, I went through a huge photography phase a few years ago. The fact that you can create words with pictures and change others perceptions of things is awesome. Keep up the good work and good luck in your studies!

  • Hey Katie, your interests and accomplishments are impressive! It’s very exciting to have some of your work featured in various galleries. Good luck with marketing!

  • Hi Katie! Your interests are inspiring and your photography portfolio is beautiful! You mentioned that you liked to learn new instruments, are you a muscian as well? Being able to capture specific moments with a lens is a gift, I’m glad that you shared this with all of us!

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