Fox Student Philanthropic Society

The Fox Student Philanthropic Society is a student professional organization within Fox that focuses on teaching and spreading awareness about the benefits of philanthropy. FSPS also raises money for the Fox Student Emergency Fund, which is a scholarship awarded to Fox students that fall onto unexpected financial hardship that may potentially end their Fox career. As fox students, we know that the strength of this school is built upon community; we thrive off of the influence and knowledge of others. If those who are fortunate enough to be here are able to aid the process of keeping another member of the community at Fox, it is a beautiful effort. Everyone deserves an excellent education no matter what their financial situation is, and FSPS works to help students from losing their spot in the Fox community.

As Art Director for FSPS I work in the creative operations; I oversee the designing of various business cards, flyers, presentations, posters, etc. the society uses for different campaigns and how they get implemented.

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