My Interests


One thing that I have and still am very passionate about is giving back to the community. Luckily, there is a lot of good to do here in Philadelphia. With my church, St. John’s Chrysostom, I help in the Charity and Benevolence Committee. All year, we collect donations of money, clothes, and toiletries from churchgoers to hand out along with lunch to the homeless in Logan Square.


Another thing that I love to do is to travel. I had the opportunity to explore three cities in Germany with my high school class, which was amazing. Ever since then, I have pushed my parents into taking us outside the country more, namely Bermuda, Bahamas, Mexico, and Honduras. Our future trips are to Jamaica and Haiti.

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  • HI Kevin,
    Trade really is a great thing for life! The experiences to different counties are very valuable. I also like to go travel.

  • Sorry, Trade should be change as travel

  • Hello, Kevin! I think travel is a good opportunity to broaden your knowledge. Thank you for sharing your experience with us!

  • Hello Kevin,
    I think the activities that you do with your church play a significant role in practicing common skills in the workplace, such as teamwork, organization, communication, and problem solving. I also like to be part of activities with the community.

  • Hi Kevin,
    I think your interest in giving back to the community around you is great. Hopefully you will inspire many others to join you in helping those in need.

  • Hi Kevin,
    I think that your interest in community service is awesome and I applaud you for giving back. Also, I find it awesome that you travel a lot, keep it up!

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