My Interest


I found my love for traveling while I was studying abroad in Rome, Italy in Fall 2017. I had the chance to visit so many countries and encountered so many new cultures. Experiencing the different cultures allowed me to realize how big the world is and how much beauty is out there. I now have a desire to find a job where I have the ability to travel and to live abroad.







Fitness is a way for me to destress from work and school. I find that by fitting in some sort of daily exercise I am able to be more efficient for the rest of the day.


I can be found listening to music most times of the day. I enjoy most types of music but some of my favorite artists are the Lumineers, Chance the Rapper and Khalid.

The Beach

My ideal day would involve laying on any beach with the warm sun, friends around and music playing. I find the beach very relaxing and a great place to spend time with other people.

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