My Interests

My interests tend to center around creativity. I enjoy playing around with Adobe Photoshop when creating logos, plasmas, etc. for the American Marketing Association and Cherry Consulting. I also enjoy creating similar content for the Main Campus Program Board as a Marketing Ambassador. Outside of school, I enjoy playing the ukulele, the guitar, and in high school I played the violin. Over the summer, I plan to obtain my cosmetology license, practice my painting skills and photography skills. All three of which I gathered interest in in high school.

2 Responses to My Interests

  • I love how you don’t focus on one form of creativity! I can tell you are extremely talented as your creativity covers a broad horizon from photoshop to cosmetology!

  • My interests also center around creativity! I am a marketing major and one of the reasons I was drawn to marketing because I am able to express my creativity through multiple outlets like photoshop, creating email campaigns, etc.

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