My interests!

My interests come from cherishing being different, debating ideas, and coming to new conclusions.

 I always wanted to be an individual – I never wanted to fit into someone’s expectations. I embrace change when I know it is inevitable. I do not compromise my expectations, and curiosity. Instead, I figure out ways to satiate it:

  • Writing personal essays on,
  • Practicing photography, graphic design & videography 
  • Being an active member of the  American Marketing Association
  • Serving lattes at Saxbys.

6 Responses to My interests!

  • I see your pursuing a BBA in marketing, which is my major too! I just recently changed my major to Marketing and I’m excited to start taking classes related to marketing. I also admire your aspirations to always be an individual, that’s something few people are capable of doing.

  • I noticed that you are majoring in Marketing, I am currently taking a class in Marketing and i enjoy it. I think that it is wonderful that you want to be different from everyone else. I think that is a good quality to have.

  • I admire you striving to be an individual, rather than trying to “fit in” with everyone else. I also respect your drive to exceed your own expectations and in doing so, making yourself better as a result. We are very alike in our focus and I can definitely tell you have the qualities to be successful in todays world.

  • Hey Kunal, I really appreciate the honesty within your interest. I personally agree and understand always wanting to be an individual, I also don’t want to fit into someone’s expectations. I want people to understand where I come from and don’t have to change themselves or myself to fit in with the norm, and thats meaningful to see,

  • Hey Kunal, I admire the individualism that you have. It is really good that you can embrace it as a strength rather than run from it, and I think that both your individualism and your adaptability will serve you well in all of your future endeavors–professional or otherwise.

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