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Some of my interests include taking pictures and editing them through different software, including Adobe Lightroom. Aside from taking pictures, I like social media and e-commerce. Through social media, I get to use my creativity and pictures. E-commerce is where the world is turning to and I want to help make that change as easy and delightful as possible. Other than marketing and business, I enjoy the beach, fitness, and networking.

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  • Hey Kelly! I’m a marketing major and I’m also interested in photography. I’m currently learning to use the Adobe Lightroom and InDesign. I agree that social media and e-commerce is getting more and more popular in marketing and I think it’s important for marketers to know how to create high quality content in this day and age.

  • Hey Kelly, Im an Entrepreneurship major and I also have interest in photography and videography. I use adobe Photoshop, Premiere, and Lightroom to bring my creative ideas to life outside of school. I agree, Everything is going towards e-commerce and digital marketplaces. Hopefully your career in marketing is successful after you graduate. good luck !

  • Hi Kelly! I am interested in being a marketing major and I see you are as well. We also share similar interests of taking pictures, social media and outside of business; I also enjoy the beach and fitness! I think that editing pictures is a very interesting and important tool, because a picture can speak a thousand words especially when portrayed correctly.

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