Career/Volunteer Work

I am employed at QNB Bank, a community bank out of Quakertown, PA, however I work at the location in Souderton, PA. Below is a photo of my team!

Through QNB Bank, I often take part in charitable and community events. Below is a photo of my team holding baskets to be raffled, with proceeds of the raffle being donated to Relay for Life.

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  • HI Kyle! I also work for a financial institution. I love working for a company that encourages the employees to give back to the community.

  • Hi Kyle! I enjoyed the photos that you shared. I was considering apply for a job at a bank just yesterday. It looks like you really enjoy it! Good luck with your team.

  • Hey Kyle, very cool that you already work at a bank. I’m also in the accounting program at Temple, but I work at Temple for the reduced tuition. I one day hope to work in a bank and in a similar program. Have you been able to train or work on any accounting while currently working at your bank?

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