Future Career Path

My main goal is to own a lot of property like my father has done in his time. He owns 12 homes in various parts of Philadelphia, he has own them most of his time additionally he flips homes on the side while still taking in revenue from the rental properties. My way of building on this strategy that he has built is in a multi step fashion.

  1. Build up the number of properties I have
  2. Grow these properties in value by fixing them up
  3. Then mass selling them in one year or a couple of months to have on hand capital
  4. I wish to use this capital to purchase a apartment complex
  5. Then from there roll those apartment complex gains back into other homes then start from step 1 all over again.

This is a plan that is going to takes years to put into action and I may not see any gain for a very long time. But I am willing to put in the work, because I have seen what my father has done with his time. I am a firm believer of using the tools you have in your tool box and one of mine is the knowledge my father has passed on to me and I want to make that work for me

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