Jason Temple

BBA in Management, Fox School of Business, Temple University

Email: jasontemple@temple.edu


Thanks for looking at my eportfolio! I am originally from Philadelphia, PA and went to Hill freedman World Academy. I am currently looking for an internship this summer. I am currently undecided in business but some of the majors I’m leaning towards includes MIS, Marketing and Entrepreneurship.

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  • HI, I am also majoring in MIS for the same reason. In additional, I believe that this is a more practical degree and will direct me to real world applications, instead of theory.

  • I am not majoring in MIS, but I will say this class has caught my interest. I feel like this class will help me out a lot with real world business problems.

  • Hi, I am Zhen. I am not MIS students,but I feel this course is really helpful to resolve some business problem by IT.

  • I am not majoring in MIS but it seems like an interesting field to be in so should be a good and engaging class

  • I am not major in MIS, but i think this class can help me clearly understand the procedures of doing business.

  • Im not in any of these, but if you want to make some fetuccini slide to Engineering!

  • Hey Jason,
    We have similar interests in advertising, creativity, innovation, leadership and real estate. I am an Entrepreneurship major and if your undecided I’d highly recommend the Entrepreneurship major, especially if you want to run your own business. A possible combination of MIS and Entrepreneurship would be a very sought after employee, showing that you are technical and have the ability to think and solve problems creativity and create new innovations for the problem. I am considering pairing MIS with my Entrepreneurship major as a dual degree or minor.

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