Jaimin Shah

BBA in Risk Management and Insurance, Fox School of Business, Temple University

Email: jaimin.shah@temple.edu


Hello, Everyone! I am currently a sophomore pursuing Bachelor in Risk Management at the Fox School of Business and Management at Temple University. I am interested in joining risk department and becoming a Chief Risk Officer in a financial firm. In my free time, I enjoy solving Rubik’s cube and I was a lead volunteer for a 3-day Rubiks cube competition. Interned at Scor Re where I compiled relevant market data for health and accident rates in India. Classes which I took last semester were the introduction to macroeconomics, calculus for business, introduction to human resource management, analytical reading and writing and cyberspace and society. You can get in touch with me at jaimin.shah@temple.edu or contact me at 267.455.4088

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  • HI, I am also majoring in MIS for the same reason. In additional, I believe that this is a more practical degree and will direct me to real world applications, instead of theory.

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