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I am currently majoring in International Business Economics concentration, and my main interests are researching on economic policies and changes in government regulations across different economies worldwide. Apart from academics, I like to play ping-pong and volleyball whenever I get the chance to. I am also a very active animal hobbyist and a pet lover!

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  • Hi Jalal, I liked your interests page. I am also planning on taking more classes in economics, and I enjoy ping pong too.

  • Hi Jalal, I really enjoyed reading about your hobbies and interests. I also like to play volleyball and am planning on taking an International business course while studying abroad.

  • Hi Jalal, I am also interested in economics and the courses I have taken in econ have been some of my favorite. Government regulations are constantly changing and also very interesting. I also like to play ping-pong in my spare time!

  • Hi Jalal, I love your interests page. I’m also a pet lover even though I don’t have a pet because my parents have allergies.

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