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Ever since I was five years old, I have been a cheerleader. I continued in High School, cheering for our football team while also competing on a competitive team. Most of my time was spent at practice or working. When I was not doing either of those, I enjoyed hanging out with my family and friends. I live in New Jersey, and often times we would go down the shore since we live so close. I also go to many outdoor concerts with my friends when the weather is nice. My family and I have traveled often, mostly to Florida because I have relatives who live there, but we have also been to California and a few islands in the Caribbean such as St. Martin, Jamaica and San Juan, Puerto Rico. Over the past few years, I have gotten more into health and fitness in order to stay in shape, especially since I stopped cheering after High School. I am now currently a student at Temple University and am Business undecided. I plan on minoring in French and hopefully I will be studying abroad in Paris next summer. I have recently gotten a job on campus working in the Office of Doctoral Programs At Fox. With that and schoolwork, I am pretty busy during the week so I like to spend most of my weekends hanging out with friends.

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  • @tuj54342 Hey Janelle! I was looking at your interests page and found it so cool that I share so many with you. I also love going to the beach and I used to go to Florida all of the time too! A lot of my friends in high school were also cheerleaders!

  • Hi, I am jialin. I was looking at your interests page and it’s fun. I had joined the sports team in high school too which is badminton and it was a good team. Also, I love going out with friend or family either, that’s a nice thing to do. Hope you enjoy every week or weekend!!

  • You seem to have a great commitment since you did cheer leading for so long. I moved form New Jersey 5 years ago and miss going down to the boardwalk. I think its awesome how you wanna minor in french because I’m actually thinking bout that as well. I took french for 4 years in high school and don’t want to lose it. I hope you enjoy the weekends you have off.

  • Hello Janelle, your interest in outdoor concerts is really cool! I also enjoy concerts especially in the summer with my friends.

  • Hi Janelle, after looking at your page I realized that we have a lot in common. I also love going to the beach and outdoor concerts. I recently also got into heath and fitness and I think it is such a cool journey.

  • I have always been in awe on how you women do all those crazy stunts in cheerleading! Definitely a great team-building sport, great for building mental and physical strength. I also enjoy outdoor concerts, regardless of the weather. If the artist is good enough, I’ll stand in the rain! Keep up the health and fitness, who knows, maybe it could end up being part of your career!

  • hello, i read your interests and i see that you are interesting in learning french. i would like to encourage you because french is 50% of english. i am originally from morocco and i do speak french. it swill be easy for you to learn if you want too. good luck

  • Hey Janelle! I read your interest page and I saw you traveled often. I also loving travel with my friends. I am going to Puerto Rico this spring break. Hope you have a good and funny weekend.

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