My Interests

My interest include watching sports including football, basketball, and hockey. I like to watch movies especially by Kubrick, Shyamalan, and Tarentino. I also like all different kinds of music from CCR to Tyler the Creator.

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  • I saw that you are majoring in management because you believe no business can succeed without proper leadership. Similarly, I am majoring in entrepreneurship in hopes to gain skills necessary to run a business.

  • Hey Jared, my name is Corey Charnetski and i noticed that we both have a strong interest in sports. In addition to playing sports, i learned on how to work with others and led them to success. I also, enjoy all kinds of music from Travis Scott to Bruce Springsteen.

  • Hey Jared, my name is Alex Thong. I see that we both have an interest in sports. I love playing basketball and learned how to be a leader; I improved my teamwork and communication skills through the sport.

  • Hi Jared, my name is Promyce and I see that we both have interests in sports and the business of sports.My favorite sport is baseball but I previously played flag football and took a course on football in high school. I’m also a band nerd and love music myself. I hope to gain management skills through the MIS course and wish you the best of luck in your classes.

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