Work Experience

I have had the opportunity to have multiple job experiences in my life so far. My first job I had was server for Rita’s Italian Ice Stand. Working at Rita’s taught me that working quickly but also efficiently is important. But also having a pleasant demeanor and a welcoming personality will bring customers back. I also worked for a dentist office called Doc’ Bresler’s Cavity Busters for a few years. I checked eligibilities for patients coming in, filed back charts, checked patients in and out for visits, and duplicated and retrieved patient records. I learned as a Patient Service Representative, that both your response, and how you respond to people will affect the outcome of your particular situation. It prepared me for all types of customer situations and relations. And hey, I even was able to learn some dental lingo! My most recent job I had was being a Crew Chief (Mechanic) for the United States Air Force. I learned many lessons while I was serving. Those who think of the military usually would think of hard work, dedication, and obedience as aspects of the military. But there is so much more I have learned! One of the main things I learned in the military is excellence in all I do. As mechanic for the F-16 (a fighter jet), we have to be accurate, efficient, and have incredible attention to detail. We are the ones that perform the main repairs and preflight inspections to get the jet up and running and into the air. But getting the jet ready to fly isn’t enough. Those jets have pilots in them. Pilots who are trusting that we have done thorough inspections and maintenance on the jet so they can focus on their mission in the sky. All of my job experiences have formed my ideas of how I work. I believe that working hard and having excellence in all you do are the keys to doing well on and off the job.

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