My Interests

One of my interests is playing the guitar. Music has a special place in my life and has a great calming effect on oneself.  Reading the Wall Street Journal is another interest I have. I believe staying up to date and knowing what is going on in the world is very important. How can one speak about different situations happening in the USA or different countries if he is not informed? Traveling is another interest I have learned to appreciate. When I was in the military I was able to travel all over Europe, seeing all walks of life. Being able to be apart of so many different cultures is an amazing experience. A few other interests include playing soccer and basketball, working out and watching movies.

2 Responses to My Interests

  • It is nice to see someone as similar interests as me. The wall street journal is a very good thing to be reading. Hope this can help you down your career path.

  • I’m also very interested in music. I agree that it is definitely something that eases my emotions and will always have a special place in my life. I also think it is nice that you like to travel. I wish I could get a chance to explore the world as much as you have.

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