My Interests

My interests include traveling and studying different languages and cultures, hence the reason I chose International Business to be my major. I plan to study abroad in the future, and hopefully be fluent in another language at some point. MIS is very interesting to me as well, and also Supply Chain Management. In the future, I want to look more into Supply Chain and hopefully have a career working in that field. I also really enjoy Business, and the classes I’ve taken so far are very interesting to me.

4 Responses to My Interests

  • Hi Jocelyn, I’m also an International Business major, and plan to study abroad in the future. I’m also hoping to become fluent in a language, which is why I’m taking Chinese right now. I agree that both MIS as well as Supply Chain are really interesting and would be good fields to obtain a job in. Have a great rest of your semester!

  • Hi Jocelyn, I also interested in traveling and studying abroad which give different sights of the world. And the broadened horizon also help people become more creative in professional life.

  • Hello Jocelyn! I think that your interest in learning languages and traveling will aid you greatly in your future career. As you’re majoring in International Business those passions will become aspects of your everyday life. I hope you are able to continue on and enjoy the rest of your classes!

  • Hello Jocelyn! I am an International Business major as well! I am currently advanced in Spanish but I would definitely suggest continuing your pursuit in trying to become fluent in another language. It is a great asset to be bilingual especially in our major of interest. I also enjoy traveling and go to Ecuador quite frequently, about twice a year. Studying abroad will really provide a great experience for you to learn and be fully immersed within the different culture.

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