Responsibility and Leadership

I joined the cross country team in high school because it seemed like running was the only thing I was a capable of doing for a small guy like me. Through trials and tribulations, I became the ideal athlete by my junior year where I was deemed captain for the next two years.

Once in this position, I learned the true meaning of responsibility and leadership. Being put in this position allowed to me develop and grow into the best version of myself.

Responsibility is holding yourself accountable to your words and your goals. When you say you will do something, you will put in your best effort towards it. If you say you will be the best leader you can, you will push everyone on your team to perform to the best of their abilities and if there is an issue you will solve before it becomes a bigger problem, in turn this will make you a better person.

Leadership is guiding your team towards success, keeping them on tasks, making sure everyone is doing their part, making sure everything is in order.

One Response to Responsibility and Leadership

  • I agree, leadership requires great responsibility and traits such as honesty, integrity, and delegation. I can happily vouch for your leadership because I have seen you lead your team on the track as well our group study sessions both efficiently and effectively. I am honored to call an innovative, confident, and inspiration young gentleman as you a friend.

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