Work Experience

I have worked as a receptionist at Fred Hill Sports Academy in Verona, NJ and as a cashier at ShopRite in Bloomfield, NJ, so I’m no stranger to customer service. While speaking to an aggravated customer was usually something I would try to avoid, it has given me the skills to handle a customer’s frustration and try to help them through the problem without seeming disrespectful and making their situation my priority. I have learned how to show the customer that I genuinely care about their needs.

Volunteering at Montclair Film Festival has given me a new respect for those who work in the not-for-profit sector. It takes a lot of people to put together a non-profit project, their emphasis on teamwork has provided me with an understanding of how important it can be to work well with others. Everyone in  a company is on the same team, but that concept seems to be forgotten a lot.

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