My Interests

I was a competitive figure skater and used to play volleyball in high school so I take any opportunity to get back on the ice.  Traveling is also an interest of mine and I have a goal to  try and visit all 50 states and eventually the world.  Being fluent in two languages (Korean and English) and proficient in Spanish contributes to my interest in languages and different cultures.  Believer of “The Process” let’s go Sixers!

2 Responses to My Interests

  • Hi Grace! The figure skating part during the Olympics is my favorite part, so I think it’s awesome you know how to figure skate. I can barley get on the ice without falling.

  • Hi Grace. I also love to travel, I’m not the best at skating but I used to take lessons when I was young. That’s really cool that you were a competitive figure skater, that used to be my dream profession as a little girl.

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