My Interests

My professional interests include digital marketing, social media, and advertising. I hope to one day work for a company in the fashion or beauty industry. I am very interested in how product advertising has switched to online. Everyday I scroll through ads on Instagram and posts by influencers promoting products. I want to be apart of the behind the scenes of that business.

My personal interest include dance and fashion. I have been dancing for over 10 years and even teach dance classes in my spare time at my local dance studio. As for fashion, my style is always changing and I enjoy watching to see all the new trends in fashion.

2 Responses to My Interests

  • I am interested in beauty industry as well. As millennials, we utilize social media everyday, and it has a great potential for marketing. The ads in social media are mostly relevant to our interests. I believe you can achieve your goals since you have interests on digital marketing and fashion.

  • I also have an interest in social media and marketing. I am passionate about the idea of digital and viral marketing, and find the use of Instagram efficient when promoting products. I hope to one day have a viral marketing campaign.

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