Work Experience

I have work experience both in the United States and also abroad. Here in the United States, I’ve worked at HomeGoods since October of 2017 and I will continue working there for the years to come. I have been a Sales/Merchandise Associate which gave me an abundance of work experience. Thanks to this job, I have gained great customer service skills which I can bring to any company I will plan on working for since at one point in my career, no matter the job, I will have to work with customers. I have also gained organizational and planning skills from the numerous projects my bosses asked me to do, such as redo a certain section, isle, or table.

In Italy, I work for a non-profit organization called, ProLoco, which plans and executes local town festivals. The whole organization is comprised of around 40 people, spanning all ages, and I am an advisor on the board of directors, alongside 8 other people. Our role is to decide which festivals to do, where to do them, how to budget for them, etc. I am also in charge of all the Christmas decorations for the town. This includes budgeting for new decorations, making sure the old decorations work, putting up and also taking down all the decoration all over the town. Furthermore, during the festivals, we run the dining service, which means I also have experience in preparing and serving food. In addition, Once a year a group of 8, including myself, serve around 450 people all in one sitting during a formal town dinner. I have also worked at a local bar there for a summer and I also help my uncle, who is the local pharmacist, run his business.

Additionally, when I’m in Italy, I volunteer for the Italian Red Cross and I have gained 180 community service hours in the past 4 years. Every summer while I’m in Italy, I go to three neighboring towns and go door to door to ask them if they would like to prepay for ambulance drives or donate to the Red Cross. I manage the money that we receive from people who donate or get the prepaid ambulance ride. Once we are done with the 3 towns, I proceed to look over all the receipts and make sure all the numbers add up before giving the money and the receipts to the president of the association in the town.

In addition, I have plenty of practical experience thanks to the numerous jobs I helped my family with. my family has taught me so much including, building a house, painting, driving every type of machines such as cars, tractors, and excavators, chopping wood, building a Willys Jeep, and so much more. All these are life experiences that might not help me in while I’m working, however, they will help me throughout life.

Having experience with working in both the United States and also Italy really sets me apart from other people because I have international working experience which not a great deal of students have. Furthermore, these experiences have introduced me to how business is done differently in other countries and how to work with people from different countries and nationalities.

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