My Interests

My biggest interests are traveling, managing money, and family. I have always enjoyed traveling and I hope I have the opportunity to travel for my job. Furthermore, I have always had an interest in money ever since I was younger. I have always enjoyed math and managing my own money. Lastly, family, which for me is the most important interest I have because family is above all else.

5 Responses to My Interests

  • Hi there, it looks like we have some of the same interest! I love traveling, family and money are my biggest interests. I really love shopping, I think that’s why money is one of my biggest interests.

  • Hi Federico, I’m glad you have a similar interest in spending time with your family. Without family, we are nothing so I’m glad that is a big priority of yours. I also love to travel, I visited Barcelona last spring and I am meaning to travel back to Europe in the future!

  • Hi Federico! I saw that we share the interest of traveling. I think traveling is a good way to learn about different cultures. In the future, I hope to travel as much as I can and have a career that involves traveling from time to time.

  • Hi Federico!

    It looks like we both share in interest in traveling! Incorporating travel into your career would be a great achievement. I hope you get to see as much of the world as possible in your future and that we have the chance to cross paths and share our travel anecdotes!

  • Hey Frederico, I also am interested in some of the same things as you such as traveling and managing my money. I think managing your money properly is key in order to ensure financial stability so you can do things such as travel and buy necessities. I also love spending time with my family; whenever the opportunity presents itself to do so, I always do.

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