My Interests

I have always taken a strong interest in mathematics, specifically statistics. One thing I am very passionate about is the ethics of how animals are being treated in the modern world. A hobby of mine is cosmetics; I think its amazing that you can take yourself as a blank canvas and transform yourself to someone/something completely different.

4 Responses to My Interests

  • it is awesome that all of your interests are all so different! diversity is always a good aspect to incorporate.

  • It’s great to find someone else who also enjoys mathematics! I’ve always found enjoyment when coming to an exact answer, rather than other classes where answers are more subjective. Something about it is so satisfying!

  • I am taking my second statistics class right now. I enjoy it too. I also have a passion for cosmetics! I love buying new make up and trying it all. Its such a great creative outlet! I’m signed up for Ipsy which allows you to try new products every month, its so exciting to get surprised every month.

  • My favorite subject is also mathematics, specifically statistics. Statistics helps to solving real world problems. Having a fundamental understanding of real and complex analysis, topology, and abstract algebra while being in that space has helped me immeasurably. I am not a fan of cosmetics like you but worked for Estee Lauder companies for several years.

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