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My name is Elizabeth Perez, I’m currently a junior at Temple University.  I’m pursuing an accounting major and  MIS minor. I plan to join the MAcc program for fall 2020. I’m currently a member of ASCEND and he IMA-T  honor association.

I love road trips, hiking and extreme activities such as skydiving, and parachuting. Last summer I had the opportunity to visit Centralia an abandoned town in PA. I also visited  a beautiful waterfall state park called Watkins Glen located in New York

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  • Hi Elizabeth!

    I see that we both have a shared interest in accounting. It is definetly essential that we as future accountants portray accurate information for our users so that they can make informed accurate decisions for their investments. I see that you also enjoy hiking. I am also a big fan of hiking. Where is your favorite place to hike?

    • i agree we need accurate information in order to make the best decisions in regards to our clients investments.
      Hawk Mountain is my favorite place to hike, what’s yours ?

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