Work Experience

Working as a lifeguard for the past four years has taught me a lot. It taught me to be responsible, attentive and a leader. Lifeguarding may seem like an easy summer job, but it is a very serious one as well. I have to be responsible and attentive while I’m on stand watching the patrons in the pool. Sometimes that can be difficult when members of the pool are trying to talk to you or when the pool is very crowded, but that’s the part that teaches me to be focused because I can’t let distractions get in the way of my job. Since I worked at the swim club for so long, I started to fill in as manager. This consisted of opening or closing the swim club when needed and being in charge of the other lifeguards. This part taught me to be a leader because I was the main person in charge and the person members came to if anything went wrong. I had to be able to make smart, quick decisions while on the job. This job taught me many skills, but it also gave me some of my best friends and a lot of memories. I am very thankful for the experience I had as lifeguard.

Other jobs that gave me some good experience was working in retail. My first retail job was as a sales associate at Justice. This consisted of helping out customers, organizing the store and checking people out at the register. My second job which was a little more involved was as a sales associate at Iacobucci Formal Wear. The job was similar to my first one at Justice, but here I had to get the customer’s measurements then prepare the tuxedos myself. These jobs taught me many soft skills. I got a lot better at communicating, having a positive attitude, time management and problem solving. The main part of working in retail is communication and having a positive interaction with customers so these jobs were perfect for practicing my communication skills. They also helped me get better with time management and problem solving because a lot of times I had deadlines, or customers were coming in and out while I was trying to get a tuxedo order done which taught me how to get things done quickly and manage my time productively.


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